Agroindustrial Beta against COVID-19

Preventive actions

Use of masks

Temperature control

Social distancing


Bus disinfection

Solidarity Campaigns

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United against COVID -19

COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyle, from our hygiene habits to the social barriers with which we must live every day. The paralysis of many companies, the closing of borders and the obligatory social distancing to stop contagion have brought consequences at an economic and social level. However, despite the difficulties that we have faced since the national emergency declaration in the country, we are sure that as a human and workgroup, we will be able to move forward.

From Agroindustrial Beta, we will continue to contribute to the well-being of the countrythrough our operations, technology and innovation, which generate dynamism in the economy and work for thousands of people who are looking for a livelihood to take home. Our commitment to our collaborators, the nearby communities, our clients, the authorities in our country, our stakeholders, continues.

As part of the agro-industrial sector, we have the mission of providing the best quality basic food to tables around the world, and that commitment is more present than ever, ensuring compliance with the necessary protocols to ensure the well-being and health of people.

Together we will move forward.